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Conference Themes

  • 100 Asset and facility management, operation, and maintenance
  • 200 Big data, sensing, and machine learning
  • 300 Structural engineering and materials modelling
  • 400 Built environment monitoring, control, analysis and design
  • 500 Information modeling and Digital Twin Technology (BIM, BrIM, CIM, GIS)
  • 600 Information and communication technologies
  • 700 Project design, construction, planning, and management
  • 800 Reality capture technologies (LIDAR, RGB-D, vision)
  • 900 Resilient and sustainable urban and energy systems 
  • 1000 Robotics, automation, and control
  • 1100 Simulation and process modeling
  • 1200 Smart and connected health and communities
  • 1300 Technology-enriched engineering pedagogy
  • 1400 Transport and sustainable urban development
  • 1500 Construction modeling and visualization
  • 1600 Water and resource recovery modelling
  • 1700 Others

Social Events

Two major social events would take place during the conference. Look for more details in months to come!

Somme great options :


The program should also include an organized tour at the end of the conference. Look for more details in months to come!

A great option : Quebec City